Quartz Powder - Silica Flour

Chemistry: > 99.7% SiO2, down to 0.007% Fe2O3.
Particle size: various types with D50 value ranging from 35 microns down to 2 microns.
Characteristics: hardness 7 Moh scale, angular, pH-neutral, chemical resistant, temperature resistant, electrical insulation, non-combustible, extreme white.
Used in industries: abrasives, building products, ceramics, chemical, civil engineering, consumer products, glass, electronics, energy, filler, epoxy, multi component, glue, chemical system, filtration, glass, metallurgical, paint, coatings, marine coatings, pharmaceutical, plastics, refractory, rubber, sports & leisure.
Synonyms: silica flour, quartz powder, SiO2-flour, SiO2-powder.